The Inter-Organisational Intrusion Detection System (IOIDS) is a peer-based communication plattform (GRID) for sharing computer incident related information across organisational boundaries.

For my PhD at the university of Glamorgan I was researching into this topic and the prototype implementation was an outcome of my research there.


More information may be obtained by downloading the following documents:

Inter-Organisational Intrusion Detection System Communication to implement Network Defence
Michael Pilgermann; PhD Thesis University of Glamorgan, August 2006 (pdf)
Inter-Organisational Intrusion Detection using Knowledge Grid Technology
Michael Pilgermann, Andrew Blyth, Stilianos Vidalis; Journal of INFORMATION MANAGEMENT AND COMPUTER SECURITY, Volume 14, Number 4, 2006, ISSN 0968-5227 (pdf)
Security in Heterogeneous Large Scale Environments Using GRID Technology
Michael Pilgermann, Stilianos Vidalis, Evangelos Morakis, Andrew Blyth; International Journal for Innovative Computing, Information and Control (IJICIC), Volume 1, Number 4, December 2005; ISSN 1349-4198 (pdf)
More general information is available on the author's list of publications.


The Inter-Organisational Intrusion Detection System is coming in 2 parts, namely the subjacent communication infrastructure G4DS and the actual implementation of IDS data exchange IOIDS:

A few more programs and libraries had to be created to make the whole thing working. These ones are:

I re-imported the entire code to a GIT repository - to browse or carry on with development. From there you may also download the entire code of the project in a single archive.


The following list of links provide some background or related information for IOIDS:


This project has intially been carried out as a PhD research project by me. Many thanks to my supervisor Dr. Andrew Blyth for his great support throughout the entire project life time.

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