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Module g4ds.messagehandler

Handles both, incoming at outgoing messages in the first place.

Grid for Digital Security (G4DS)

For incoming messages a class GlobalOutoingMessageHandler is provided. Only the instance provided by the function getGlobalOutgoingMessageHandler should be used for accessing it. (Singleton). It provides functions for sending both service and control messages.

For outgoing messages there is the class called GlobalMessageDispatcher. Whenever a new message arrives, it should be passed to the function GlobalDispatcher.dispatch inside it.

Author: Michael Pilgermann


License: GPL (General Public License)

GlobalDispatcher First instance for dispatching messages.
GlobalOutoingMessageHandler Handler for outgoing messages.
MessageContextController Stores all information about incoming messages.

Function Summary
GlobalDispatcher getGlobalDispatcher()
Singleton implementation.
GlobalOutoingMessageHandler getGlobalOutgoingMessageHandler()
Singleton implementation.
MessageContextController getMessageContextController()
Singleton implementation.

Function Details


Singleton implementation.
The instance for the global dispatcher class


Singleton implementation.
The instance for the global outgoing message handler class


Singleton implementation.
The instance for the message context controller

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