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Package g4ds.algorithms

Package for implementations for algorithms

Grid for Digital Security (G4DS)

Required, to use the modules in this directory as a package.

Currently implemented algorithms: Whenever a new algorithm shall be added, a new module must be developed. A class named AlgorithmImplementation must be provided in there, which inherits from algorithminterface.AlgorithmInterface and overwrites the functions defined in there. Finally, it must be registed inside the config module for algorithms.

Author: Michael Pilgermann


License: GPL (General Public License)

  • algorithminterface: Provides the interface, each algorithm implementation must implement to work with G4DS.
  • config: Configuration file for algorithms for G4DS
  • elgamalalgorithm: ElGamal algorithm implementation for G4DS.
  • rsaalgorithm: RSA algorithm implementation for G4DS.

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